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SAG1021 25MHz function/arbitrary waveform generator + License key.

SDS1004X-E supports a external Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) ,which can easily and quickly provide multiple input signals to users. The AWG provides two kinds of waveforms: the standard waveform and the Arb . the Arb single consists of two types: the system’s built-in waveforms and the stored waveforms. Built-in waveforms are stored in the internal non-volatile memory. It is includes: Common, Math , Engine, Window, Trigo. Users may also edit the arbitrary waveform by PC which has installed the EasyWave, or import the waveform by U disk that had stored edited waveform.

Output impedance  50 Ω±2%
Protection Over-Voltage Protection, Current-Limiting Protection

Model : USB AWG Module (four channel series only, option)
Channel 1
Max. Output Frequency 25 MHz
Sampling Rate 125 MSa/s
Frequency Resolution 1 μHz
Frequency Accuracy ±50 ppm
Vertical Resolution 14-bits
AmplitudeRange -1.5 ~ +1.5 V (50Ω) / -3 ~ +3 V (High-Z)
Waveform Type Sine, Square, Ramp, pulse, Noise, DC and 45 built-in waveforms