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ISFE(isolated channel option)

Isolation channel option (ISFE) independently developed by SIGLENT, is designed to measure the strong signal with a digital oscilloscope function modules, is suitable for SIGLENT’s full range of oscilloscope products. It adopts USB port 5V power supply of an oscilloscope, and its maximum input voltage is up to ± 600Vpp.


  • Plug and play, oscilloscope option
  • USB 5V power supply, power consumption less than 1 w, ease of use
  • Single channel isolation voltage 1000 VRMS, channel segregation voltage 2000 VRMS
  • Can be used to measure the total not to signal. Household 220 v ac signal; Three-phase ac electrical signals, etc
  • Use this product to achieve common oscilloscope channel segregation, measured signal and the earth’s isolation


Input voltage range


Voltage attenuation ratio

about 200:1



Output voltage range

-3Vpk~ +3Vpk

Working voltage

5V±5%,USB supply power

Working current


max isolated voltage to ground


max isolated voltage between channels


Input impedence

10 MΩ



The manual can be found here download


ISFE Manual
pdf (891.38 KB) Download