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Review by Labrat
Posted on 18/11/2016
Usually when you buy some equipment that does not hurt wallet then there is some "after taste". Yes you will probably get your stuff done but you still go lurk around the web and dream of "real equipment" from some expensive brand manufacturer. This is not the case with SDG2000X. It expected it to be ok but it's just excellent.
First out the box - shock. It's built like military equipment - heavy and solid. Fan noise is reasonable. You may notice it when it's the only equipment running but when there is array of other (high quality) instruments humming it blends in.
After testing it for some time cannot find any real faults - all is according to spec. User interface has some very minor usability issues but you learn to work around them. Most importantly - this instrument does not get in the way of stuff I want to get done. It can be trusted and does not waste my time.
At the same time I (sadly) bought oscilloscope from direct competitor of Siglent. It was a mistake. Software on it seems to be made by bunch of schoolkid-hackers and it does get in my way very heavily. Not to mention fan-noise which is just extreme.
Lesson learned - for starters I'm gonna buy another SDG from Siglent (since I need more than 2 channels and they can be hooked up) and if all goes well gotta think about swapping the scope also...
SDG2042X 40MHz Waveform Generator

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