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Review by Paul Pro-Serv 
Posted on 20/05/2019
The long awaited dc load from Siglent is now available for the european market and I must say it was well worth the wait. I was supprized by it's compact form factor, low noise level, easy to use and capability to use complex test scripts. I have now tested the SDL1020X-E version, being well suited for my needs, which is packed with more options I would ever need being battery capacity testing, power supply static and dynamic load testing and power consumption emulation and much more. With it's four models it covers both low and medium power capacity with two models and each has medium and high accuracy model variant, each of the four models comes with all testing modes available out of the box, no costly options needed, this together with all common communications options installed like RS232, USB and LAN at no additional option cost and this for a truly affordable pricing. I have test loads up to 50% of its capability and was supprized by it's stability, low fan noise level, documentation, great job Siglent !