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Review by Shashidhar Gokhale 
Posted on 05/01/2019
The performance of the Oscilloscope is extremely satisfactory. It is very user friendly and easy to use. The waveforms are obtained faster when compared to Analog Oscilloscope and the controls are easily adjustable to our requirements. The best thing about this is the help menu available with which we can have any information on using any of its features on our finger tips without having to search user manual.
Review by tony 
Posted on 28/07/2015
Its nice looking. Got to give it that. But, don't get rid of your analog scope just yet. Some applications the scope seems to work just fine. Others , well not too good. My first experience with DSO scopes and still learning much. I experiment with RF
circuits and have found aliasing to be a real drawback. Switch the scope to AUTO and you're ok. Scope displays five or ten cycles of waveform just fine. But slow the trace down and you soon run into aliasing distortions. Like using a sweep function generator to test filters for instance. All kinds of squirrely things start to happen. And at RF frequencies, the response can go completely missing. Lots of wrong deductions about your test circuit crop up. I discovered this by switching back and forth with my analog scope. I think there may be feedback between the scope input circuits and the item under test. It seems to want to lock up rf oscillators - like phase lock, and the display is unreliable. I go to the analog scope and no problem exists. The DSO could not be used to test many narrowband filters in a sweep mode. Never see the signal. Maybe its a sampling problem here that I'm not used to considering. But like I said, don't get rid of your analog scope yet.

I do like the auto measurement features that display on the screen, like volts and frequency, etc. Makes some testing go much faster. The scope does need a good clean signal for good frequency measurements tho.
Review by William 
Posted on 28/07/2015
My Tek finally died - the high voltage section was fried. I went on Amazon to see what was available. I service audio equipment as a side line. After reading the specifications of the Siglent scope I decided to buy it. It is rated as a 50 MHz scope - but I have no trouble displaying a 100 MHz signal. On feature which I did not see listed is it has a frequency counter. The frequency counter is dead on and is actually more sensitive than my TEK 5316. My signal generator only goes up to 108 MHz and it only takes about 15 Millivolts of RF for the counter to lock in.

One other thing about this scope is when I use it with a sweep generator and use channel 2 as the horizontal reference, there is no drift in the display. With both analog scoped that I had owned, the scope would need a warmup time of 10 minutes or so to be stable. There is no warm up time needed with this Siglent.

If you are looking for a general purpose scope the Siglent is excellent. I am 100% happy with it. There is only one thing about it that I had to change in my equipment stack up. On the top of my stack was the frequency counter, then the scope, then the RF generator and finally the distortion analyzer. Well with the small size of the Siglent I could not stack the frequency counter on it. So I took my 5316 out of service because my new scope is actually a better frequency counter.

The TFT display is excellent. There is a on screen menu display that will let you quickly set up the scope. The scope comes with a set up guide, a CD, two very nice probes and a USB cable. It is a compact unit that is only