Ease of use
Value for money
Review by Alan
Posted on 24/07/2017
This is my first oscilloscope - not the cheapest but nearly so and appears to offer better specs than anything cheaper. It was very easy to set up and use - pretty much straight out of the box on default setup I was able to see the I2C clock and data channels between a development FT232 module and some PIC chips and see what was going wrong. Checked some tutorial videos to see what was needed and set trigger options to set a one shot trigger, but default auto setup gave close to what I needed and the intuitive user interface made it easy to explore the available options to capture what was happening on the I2C line. Overall, a good spec for the price but more importantly, the well deigned user interface made it easy to access the features and solve problems that had been holding me up for a while - should have got a scope like this ages ago! Cannot be sure about the durability as I've only had it 2 days but seems well build :)
Siglent SDS1202X-E 200Mhz

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