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Review by JamesS
Posted on 30/08/2017
I bough this scope to replace an old analogue scope, and to compliment my larger (but older) LeCroy scope. A 2-channel scope with analogue-like display that costs almost the same as an old Tek analogue scope seemed like a no-brainer.

However, this scope is so much better than I thought it would be!

For me the most important benefit is that the scope is fast. Not just fast waveform update rate (which is has), but a fast UI - it never gets bogged down. Every time you twiddle a control, the scope responds. It makes debugging so much faster.

Having segmented memory (history) mode always active is such a good thing. When you are debugging a complex signal, being able to review what happened in slow motion is so educational. You don't have to set this up, it's always there when you press stop -- again, it makes debugging so much faster.

Free serial decoding! So very useful. Though, it's not really "real-time".

In fact, many of the features billed as real-time are not. For example, measurements and statistics do update, but only at about 1Hz, so even if you are capturing 1000 waveforms a second you only get statistics updating using one of these waveforms every second. This is a shame because fast statistics updates can be such a great way to get confidence in a signal. Then again, this scope is very low cost! But these features don't slow down the UI. If I had to choose between faster measurements and a slow UI, or slower measurements and a fast UI, I'd take the fast UI every time. so I can see why Siglent has done this. It keeps the UI very responsive.

There are a few bugs in the firmware that hopefully will be fixed soon in an update. The most annoying is when you set a DC offset. This is relative to the currently selected V/div scale, rather than being absolute. So, for example, if you set a 1V offset then change the vertical scaling the offset will change, so you have to keep adjusting as you zoom in and out. What you want is it to stay at 1V then you can refine it as you zoom in. It's very annoying but you can work around it.

Honestly, since getting the Siglent, the LeCroy has hardly been on. It's that good! The Siglent has lower noise, much faster waveform updates and more responsive UI. But it is only 2 channels and has a smaller, non touch-screen display so it can't replace the LeCroy for everything.

Would I buy this scope again? Definitely!
Siglent SDS1202X-E 200Mhz

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