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Review by Julius 
Posted on 03/02/2017
I have purcased this generator it is really good. It is very easy to use. The product appear a professional tools. But..... on windows 10 64bit there is no way to install the device driver. I have requested support with support@siglent.com but nobody answered me.

Feedback Siglent.eu: Thank you for your review and purchase! Could you please use our contact form for the support? The e-mailaddress that you mention is from the factory in China, which is closed now due to Chinese New Year, but we can support you from Europe as well.
Review by terriblefire 
Posted on 07/01/2017
I love this little guy but i'd like to be able to purchase an upgrade key to 1050
Review by Simon 
Posted on 26/08/2016
I am a student of electrical engineering and needed a inexpensive generator. So far im quite happy with the Purchase.
Drawback: channel one is right channel two is left.
Review by Marcus Jenkins 
Posted on 28/07/2015
As an amateur radio enthusiast, I'm building HF circuits all the time, and these days with more and more digital aspects to them. This signal generator has superb price/performance with great build quality. There are more features than every user will probably ever need, but the AM-DSB modulation, high frequency output, sweep, 50 Ohm and high impedance dual outputs, 10MHz reference input, up to 25Mhz output and easy to use interface are pretty much all I could ask for - certainly for the price. WIN SDG805