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Review by Ettore 
Posted on 10/04/2017
It is about 2 months that I am using for my work and I am VERY satisfied. Accuracy is reallyvery good and also easy of use is excellent. Faste measurements. Plug and use it!
Review by George P. 
Posted on 23/02/2017
I just recently purchased the SDM3055 digital multimeter through a Siglent EU distributor and I am simply excited!
First of all, as it is apparent, it's a solid benchtop digital multimeter, which if you are well into electronics, even if it's as a hobby, it's definitely needed. There were many occasions when I needed to measure the current consumption of a low-power cirquit, or do uVolt measurements on parts or traces and couldn't without the precision such a multimeter can give you.
And since I am a hobbyist I couldn't wish for more! The value for money is just great.
Now compared to other similar instruments, I have to say that I couldn't expect this to perform so well.
I tested it against a friends' good but very expensive multimeter and the error was definitely within specs.
But, the above not being enough, it's very easy to use and the big screen on it is awesome.
I hope Siglent keeps the good work up.
Excellent product and recommended for sure.