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Review by pwheels 
Posted on 17/10/2016
Buying equipement isn't easy as often many constrains are in place like: pricing vs affordability,
functionality needed vs being available, base functions vs options, used/refurbished vs new, brands
and this list goes on and on.
Then you may be on an restricted budget or your current project doesn't justify a more capable or expensive
equipment while you may become faced with upgrading or a trade-in issue on your next project.
After reviewing quite a few scenario's and having owned a few used spectrum analyzers myself, based on some
review's and specifications I came accross the new Siglent concept (as being available in the current X series)
which allows you to select and buy new equipment like the SSA3021X with the options I need right now and
being abled to expand them as needed in the future, as a starter you pay for what you need now and expand later.
I now have worked a couple of weeks with the unit I was able to solve an antenna matching and swvr issue around
the 1GHz range within a couple of hours, it's an easy to operate unit with a solid feel, build quality and
it's display is just awesome, true value for it's price.
Review by Goran 
Posted on 12/10/2016

I am a R/D engineer and system integrator in radio communication fields for many years. Spectrum analyzer is most useful tool in this fields. Without it I am practically 'blind'. Up to now SA was very expensive tool, and was very hard to decide what SA and what option to buy because of high prices. If I missed in configuration, later on I can have a SA without possibility to upgrade, or I prepaid an option that maybe never be used. In my workshop I already have a SA from Advantest and HP (frequency range if far away 9GHz and 22GHz, but cost is 10x more).If you do not have need to work with satellite communications even for professional is very smart and acceptable choice because today over 75 % land communications is equal er below 2.1GHz. Tracking generator is MUST option, and I suggest every professional or amateur to bundle this option with purchase of SA.
Common HW platform for all and SW upgrade options, are path that will be most highly valued at all future users. After initial testing I also found a minor bug in unit display when changing setting (when you switch from main screen to RBW through CPL menu unit stays in dBm and must be in K,M,G, Hz). This is not something that will put shade on very positive experience , and will be fixed in future FW upgrades. Also I must highlight
free unlocked 48 hours possibility to test all SW options and decide to buy maybe other option also.
But if you plan to use this possibility, be fast because clock count down even if you are performing some other measurement without using this options (so it must be tested in first 48h of use). I appreciate possibility to test SW options, but for best user experience, timer for 48h must be separate for each SW option to enable user to accommodate to it, and start be familiar with this measuring procedures and realize true value of each SW option before buying it. For example I am interesting to perform detailed test with advanced measurement SW option, but not in first 48 hours of instrument use because I want to tested in real field environment.
Summary, this is best price to value ratio and promising SW/HW platform on market today.
Keep this course in future !
Review by Vitor 
Posted on 07/09/2016

I was tired of trying to get a reasonable second hand spectrum analyser for an affordable price. Even old devices would reach absurd high prices, though without any warranty, calibration or support.

When I first stumbled across the SSA3021X I didn't believe it: a full blown spectrum analyser, new, with warranty for this competitive price?
I gathered some information, read the online manual and just went ahead and purchase one.
To sum it up, I have not regretted it!

The SSA3021X is really a full blown spectrum analyser, featuring a huge 1024x600 TFT screen, yet in a case that doesn't take too much space on the desk.

The GUI is easy to use and the performance is great - meeting the specs in my tests carried out so far.

I am using it for measurements in amateur radio bands, as well as for TV, CATV and SAT reception. I need to be able to compare and evaluate the spectrum mode of professional TV field meter with a real spectrum analyser, in order to compare the performance and accuracy of the field meter. The same with signal generators/noise sources: I need to evaluate them and a spectrum analyser is great tool for this job.

My other goal was to learn how to operate a spectrum analyser and I was not disappointed: while the SSA3021X is easy to use, it has loads of functionality (much more than the spectrum analyser function in TV field meter). This made me learn more about spectrum analysis than I thought there is to know. It also gave me insights into RF from a different point of view. All in all, if you can afford it, it is a great learning tool. Of course, I could have just read tons of theoretical books about this subject, but that would not remotely be as appealing than using the real thing. Also, it made me better understand why TV field meters are limited in the spectrum as they are.
Finally, thanks to the built in AM/FM demodulator with headphone jack, you can actually listen to analogue radio stations and radio communications! The great advantage over a radio scanner is of course the ability to monitor a huge bandwidth. As soon as someone transmits at any frequency, you will see it and if you tune in, you can hear it, too. WOW!

I have the SSA3021X for almost a month now and I am very satisfied with it.

It is the number one choice for amateur/hobby use and even in professional environments, it will perform within specs. All this at an incredible price.

My next projects will include antenna evaluation/development – brilliant to be able to do that with the aid of a modern spectrum analyser.

My opinion: don’t waste money on an old second hand spectrum analyser (especially the ones with a CRT). Get yourself a SSA3021X, instead. You will get modern functionality, a proper high-resolution screen and it probably will outperform older spectrum analysers in the 9 kHz - 2.1 GHz range, too.

Review by Alexander 
Posted on 17/08/2016
There's not much choice among spectrum analyzers with price below 2k USD. For the money you can buy used spectrum analyzer like Advantest R4131D from early 90's. But there's always the risk that you will get a unforeseen problems with a used test equipment.

I choose between Siglent SSA3021X and Rigol DSA815-TG. But when I watched a Teardown video from EEVBlog I've definitely decided to buy Siglent SSA3021X.
Rigol DSA815 is a good spectrum analyzer but Siglent SSA3021x is much, much better! Not just because frequency, it had better noise floor, better phase noise, higher RBW and larger resolution display.

I'm very happy with my new SSA3021X! Siglent SSA3021X is the best spectrum analyzer for its price if you don't need frequency range higher than 2 GHz.