Ease of use
Value for money
Review by pwheels
Posted on 17/10/2016
Buying equipement isn't easy as often many constrains are in place like: pricing vs affordability,
functionality needed vs being available, base functions vs options, used/refurbished vs new, brands
and this list goes on and on.
Then you may be on an restricted budget or your current project doesn't justify a more capable or expensive
equipment while you may become faced with upgrading or a trade-in issue on your next project.
After reviewing quite a few scenario's and having owned a few used spectrum analyzers myself, based on some
review's and specifications I came accross the new Siglent concept (as being available in the current X series)
which allows you to select and buy new equipment like the SSA3021X with the options I need right now and
being abled to expand them as needed in the future, as a starter you pay for what you need now and expand later.
I now have worked a couple of weeks with the unit I was able to solve an antenna matching and swvr issue around
the 1GHz range within a couple of hours, it's an easy to operate unit with a solid feel, build quality and
it's display is just awesome, true value for it's price.
Siglent SSA3021X Spectrum analyzer  + FREE TG LICENSE

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