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Review by janekivi
Posted on 10/06/2016
I have been using SDG1025 some time and wanted something new for my personal use. After comparing some models and performance I decided buy SDG2042X. It has 2 channels, 16 bit vertical resolution, 1 µHz - 40 MHz sine wave + all other common signals and modulations. In high impedance mode it provides max 20 Vpp and in 50 ohm mode up to 10 Vpp output. Detailed information is found on specification page.

In the package was generator, BNC cable, power cable, CD, USB cable, Quick Start guide and Certificate of Calibration. Unit itself is in same standard size as other Siglent units like SDG10XX generators and SDM3055 multimeters. It has the same handle. But now… it has different bigger "bumpers". In front and back corners are big plastic "surrounds". They must protect connectors and buttons, I think. But the unit is not that industrial use product what you always carry around and drop everywhere. Front "bumpers" ending exact same level as rotary control. Many users have their lab equipment on the shelf and on the top of other units. And usually other units don't have extended surroundings. So, for next product I give to Siglent this kind of hint. You can make rubber surroundings symmetrical. Then can user swap them and mount straight side to outside. Actually there is not very much room for big fingers around of rotary control. But user interface and controls are very good. This unit has 4.3'' color touch screen. There are 480 × 272 pixels and compared to SDG10XX all graphics is way better. Additional menu and their buttons is lower portion of screen. All settings and parameters are accessible from touch screen and after selecting them you can change values via numeric buttons or rotary control. Some stuff is too small for big fingers.
But there was USB cable and this unit has LAN too. You can connect it to PC and use EasyWave to make all kind of waveforms and send them to generator. They saved to user arbitrary waveforms section. You can store some Equations and use them to generate 120 Mhz signals with 40 Mhz SDG2042X. I have used it up to 130 Mhz sine wave.

One thing I found annoying is information box. It stays too long on screen. Time setting for this might be good. I know already what it says but must wait soooo long for next action.

Fan is bit softer than SDG1025. This is common in new equipment and they all can be modded with higher quality one.

Overall this is good instrument for this price.
SDG2042X 40MHz Waveform Generator

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