Siglent RF Switch Systems.

Switch matrix can easily meet the requirements of multi-port device testing, which can make the connection of multi-port device testing simple. The number of test ports of network analyzer, signal source, spectrum analyzer and other equipment is expanded. A single SSM5000A series RF switch matrix of Dingyang Technology can expand the output ports to 24, and can continue to stack. Compared with the traditional measurement method, the measurement speed is greatly improved by using RF switch matrix, which not only supports SIGLENT instruments, but also supports other mainstream instruments and meters products, which greatly adapts to the use scene of production line. SSU5000A series mechanical switches, whose working frequency range covers DC-50 GHz, can be widely used in multi-channel and multi-port test environment.

Siglent SSM5000A series switch matrix

Inputs Outputs Maximum Input
DC Voltage
Maximun Input
SSM5122A 9 kHz-9 GHz 2 12 35V 20dBm
SSM5124A 9 kHz-9 GHz 2 24 35V 20dBm
SSM5142A 9 kHz-9 GHz 4 12 35V 20dBm
SSM5144A 9 kHz-9 GHz 4 24 35V 20dBm
SSM5321A 100 kHz-26.5 GHz 2 6 35V 20dBm
SSM5342A 100 kHz-26.5 GHz 4 12 35V 20dBm

Siglent SSU5000A Mechanical Switch