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Second hand / Repaired / Minor damage items

Siglent.eu will offer equipment with a discount on items / equipment that that can not be sold as new due to : demo model, packing / transport damage, second hand etc. All equipment will come with a limited warranty and if any defect or damage will be reported in front and accepted as is. If you have purchased a unit trough Siglent.eu and like to sell you unit or update please contact us : info@siglent.eu

Sold out

SDS1202X-E ( SECOND HAND ) 21 startups

€339.00 €270.00
Sold out

Second hand SDS1202X-E 2CH 200Mhz oscilloscope. 21 startups

Firware version :
1.3.26 (Release Date 08.07.19 )

Unit is in good condition and comes with all orinal items.
Packing carton is Siglent original carton.

Siglent.eu will give a 1 year full warranty ( on scope and probes )