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Review by Chris
Posted on 11/10/2015
I've tested the SDG2042X now for two days and i am impressed. I like the touch-screen because of the fast operation of the device.

I also like that only the max. frequency of the sine-wave is limited compared to the more exensive 2000x units. That means rectangular waveforms are going up to 25MHz. Great feature for the value.

All parameters i could check are full in specification.

There is one bug with the Knop operation (the digit-position jumps one step to the right when crossing zero). That will be hopefully fixed in a coming firmware.

I did not tested user defined waveforms yet. But there are already many build in waveforms that are looking great.

I let the device running full day and did not get warm.

As usual the fan could be more silent....
SDG2042X 40MHz Waveform Generator

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