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Value for money
Review by Jakub
Posted on 06/12/2017
This scope, when taking in perspective its price, is unbelievable.The screen's readability is excellent, the refresh rate is insane, menus are slick and responsive. It's still very much a budget scope, but it is very capable. I haven't yet played with serial decoding, but the fact that it's there for free is enough.
I can't recommend it enough, the best entry-level scope on the market by a loooong shot.
-responsive, good refresh rates
-great screen
-intensity graded display, it's soooo easy on the eyes
-all the triggers a beginner would want, extra low jitter
-serial decoding
-autosetup doesn't suck too massively
-connection via USB or Ethernet is very useful (USB is way faster though), I can grab screencaps and share them very easilly and the program to do it doesn't completely suck (EasyScopeX, requires free NI VISA runtime environment)
-very light and compact
Cons / complaints:
-the encoders could be a bit more precise, often I find myself scrolling past something. But they're by no means terrible
-some features are hard to find in the menus, as there are a bit too few options displayed on the screen at a time
-the handle doesn't look very sturdy compared to a more traditional handle attached to the sides of the scope
-only four measurements can be displayed at all times without putting an overlay on the waveform display portion of the screen. I think there would be a way to get rid of some menus to display more without covering the waveform
-it's so light that it sometimes slides on a smooth table from pushing the buttons. The
rubber feet on the back could have more traction
Siglent SDS1202X-E 200Mhz

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