Siglent SDS5000X SAG1021I 25MHz Isolated arbitrary waveform generator


Siglent SAG1021I isolated 25Mhz function / arbitrary waveform generator + License key. For use with the four channel SDS5000X Series oscilloscope

The Siglent SAG1021I is a isolated 25MHz waveform generator. Output Sine, Square, Ramp, Pulse, Noise, DC and 45 built-in waveforms.The arbitrary waveforms can be accessed and edited by the EasyWave PC software.

Parameters : SAG1021
Channels 1
Isolation YES
Max. Output Frequency 25 MHz
Sampling Rate 125 MSa/s
Frequency Resolution 1 μHz
Frequency Accuracy ±50 ppm
Vertical Resolution 14-bits
AmplitudeRange -1.5 ~ +1.5 V (50Ω) / -3 ~ +3 V (High-Z)
Waveform Type Sine, Square, Ramp, pulse, Noise, DC and 45 built-in waveforms

The kit includes:

1 x License key ( For SDS5000X oscilloscopes )
1 x SAG1021I
1 x USB Cable