Siglent SSG5085A 9 kHz-20 GHz Microwave Signal Generator


Siglent's SSG5085A microwave signal generator has a output frequency range from 9 kHz to 20 GHz, supports AM & FM & PM modulation, pulse modulation, pulse sequence generator, power meter control and other functions. With standard OCXO reference hardware module inside ensures high-precision and high stability signal output.

Siglent's SSG5085A microwave signal generator It is designed for communication, aerospace, national defense and other fieldsAnd it is suitable for various application scenarios such as R&D and production.

SSG5000A Series User interface

  1. Prompt status bar
  2. RF frequency
  3. RF level
  4. Touch screen display area: Display the settings under each menu

Siglent SSG5085A Key Features:

  • Frequency up to 20GHz.
  • 0.001 Hz frequency setting resolution.
  • Level setting range: -20 dBm to +25 dBm standard and -130 dBm ~ 25dBm with SSG5080A-LP option
  • Phase Noise: -120 dBc / Hz @ 1 GHz, 20 kHz offset (typ.).
  • Level error ≤0.7dB (typ.).
  • Provides AM,FM,PM analog modulation with internal, external or Int + Ext source.
  • Single pulse, double pulse and pulse traingenerator (option)
  • The power meter control kit can easily use the power meter to measure power, control power output and correct line loss.
  • 5 inch TFT capacitive touch screen, mouse and keyboard supported
  • Web browser remote control on PC and mobile terminals.
  • Standard interface includes USB Host, USB Device (USBTMC), LAN(VXI-11,Socket, Telnet).Optional interface: GPIB

Pulse train generator

Double pulse modulation

external USB power sensor to compensate cable losses

Model SSG5083A SSG5085A
Frequency Range CW MODE 9 kHz-13.6 GHz CW MODE 9 kHz-20 GHz
Frequency Resolution 0.001 Hz 0.001 Hz
Amplitude Resolution 0.01 dB 0.01 dB
Level error ≤0.7 dB(typ.) ≤0.7 dB(typ.)
Phase noise -120 dBc/Hz @1 GHz,offset 20 kHz (typ.) -120 dBc/Hz @1 GHz,offset 20 kHz (typ.)
Display 5 inch capacitance touch screen, RGB 800*480 5 inch capacitance touch screen, RGB 800*480

Standard Accessories :

1 x USB Cable
1 x 220V AC EU Power cord
1 x QuickStart guide
1 x Calibration certificate 
1 x 2.92 mm Female to Female Adapter (2.92F-2.92F-40A)

Optional Accessories :

Pulse Modulation Activation License

Pulse Train Generator Activation License

SSG5000A Attenuator

Upgrade to 20 GHz Max Frequency

N(M)-N(M) cable, 100 cm,18 GHz

N(M)-SMA(M) cable,100cm,18 GHz

SMA(M)-SMA(M) cable,100cm,18 GHz

26 GHz 1 m SMA cable (SMA(F)-SMA(M)-26L)

26 GHz 1 m SMA cable (SMA(M)-SMA(M)-26L)

Rack Mount Kit

SSG5000A Datasheet
PDF – 1,1 MB 340 downloads
SSG5000A User Manual
PDF – 2,4 MB 311 downloads
SSG5000A Quick Start
PDF – 1,3 MB 294 downloads