Siglent SDS7304A H12 4 channel 3GHz 12-bit 20 GSa/s Oscilloscope


SIGLENT’s NEW SDS7304A H12 digital storage oscilloscope with a bandwidth of 3GHz and has a  12-bit ADCs with sample rate up to 20GSa/s with a maximum record length it can display up to 4 analog channels + 16 digital channels for hgh performance mixed signal analysis.

The SDS7000A series employs Siglent’s SPO technology with a maximum waveform capture rate of up to 1,000,000 wfm/ s, 256 level intensity grading display function plus a color temperature display mode. It also employs an innovative digital trigger system with high sensitivity and low jitter. The trigger system supports multiple powerful triggering modes including serial bus triggering. Tools such as History waveform recording, Search and Navigate functions, Signal Scan, Mask Test, Bode Plot, Power Analysis Eye /Jitter Analysis and Compliance Test allow for extended waveform records to be captured, stored, and analyzed. An impressive array of measurement and math capabilities, options for a 50 MHz arbitrary waveform generator, as well as serial decoding are also features of the SDS7000A The large 15 6 HD display capacitive touch screen supports multi touch gestures, with the addition of user friendly UI design, can greatly improve the operation al efficiency. It also supports mouse control, and remote web control over LAN.

12bit High Resolution

12 bit resolution shows you more details and less noise on the waveform.

Excellent User Interface and User Experience

  • 15 6 ” HD display with 1920 1080 resolution
  • Capacitive touch screen, supporting multi touch
    gestures, can move or scale the waveform traces
    quickly by finger touch movements, which greatly
    improves the operation al efficiency.
  • Built in WebServer supports remote control on a
    web page over LAN.
  • Supports external mouse and keyboard

Compliance Test (Optional)

USB 2.0, 100Base TX, 1000Base T, 100Base T1, 1000Base T1 protocol conformance testing are available. When the user sets up the environment according to the prompts, by using the related test fixture, the oscilloscope and related instruments can be automatically set up and related measurement, calculation, decoding and other functions will be used for testing, helping the user to complete each test project quickly and efficiently, and reports are generated automatically.

Siglent SDS7304A H12 Key Features:


  • 4 analog channels, up to 4 GHz bandwidth with up to 20 GSa/s sample rate.
  • 12 bit ADC
  • Low background noise : 220 μVrms @ 4 GHz bandwidth.
  • SPO technology:
    - Waveform capture rates up to 1,00 0,000 wfm/s
    - Supports 256 level intensity grading and color temperature       display modes.
    - 500 Mpts/ch standard, 1 G pts /ch optional
    - Digital trigger system
  • Intelligent trigger: Edge, Slope, Pulse, Window, Runt,
    Interval, Dropout, Pattern, Qualified, Nth edge,
    Setup/hold, Delay and Video (HDTV supported). Zone
    Trigger simplif ies advanced triggering.
  • Serial bus triggering and decoder, supports protocols I 2 C,
    SPI, UART, CAN, LIN, CAN FD, FlexRay, I 2 S, MIL STD
    1553B, SENT , Manchester , ARINC429 and USB 2.0
  • Segmented acquisition (Sequence) mode, dividing the
    maximum record length into multiple segments (up to
    124 ,000), according to trigger conditions set by the user,
    with a very small dead time between segments to capture
    the qualifying event.
  • History waveform record (History) function, the maximum
    recorded waveform length is 124 ,000 frames.
  • Automatic measurement s on 50+ parameters, supports
    statistics with histogram, track, trend, Gating
    measurement, and measurements on Math, History and
    Memory traces.
  • 4 Math traces ( 32 Mpts FFT, Filter, addition, subtraction,
    multiplication, division, integration, differential, square
    root, etc.), supports formula editor.
  • Abundant data analysis functions such as Search,
    Navigate, SignalScan, Digital Voltmeter, Counter,
    Waveform Histogram, Bode plot, Power Analysis ,
    Eye/Jitter Analysis and Compliance Test.
  • High Speed hardware based Average, Hi Res ; High
    Speed hardware based Mask Test function, with Mask
    Editor tool for creating user defined masks.
  • 16 digital channels (optional).
  • Built in 50 MHz waveform generator
  • Large 15.6 HD TFT LCD display with 1920 * 1080
    resolution; Capacitive touch screen supports multi touch
  • Interfaces include : 4x USB Host 3.1 Gen 1 1,2x USB 3.0
    Host,USB 2.0 Device Device, 2x 1000M LAN LAN,DVI DD,DP 1.2 1.2,HDMI 1.4 1.4,Audio, External Triger In , Aux Out ( Pass/Fail, Trigger Out )), 10 MHz In In,10 MHz Out.
  • Built in web server supports remote control over the LAN
    port using a web browser . Supports SCPI remote control
    commands . Supports external mouse and keyboard
Model SDS7304A H12
Analog channels 4 + EXT
Bandwidth 3 GHz
Sample rate ( Max.) 20 GSa/s (dual-channel) 10 GSa/s (3 or 4 channels)
Vertical Resolution 12-bit Up to 16-bit in ERES mode
Memory depth ( Max.) Standard: 500 Mpts/ch Optional: 1 Gpts/ch in dual-channel mode
Waveform capture rate (Max.) 1,000,000 wfm/s
Trigger type Edge, Slope, Pulse width, Window, Runt, Interval, Dropout, Pattern, Video, Qualified, Nth edge, Setup/hold, Delay, Serial
Serial trigger and decode Standard: I2C, SPI, UART, CAN, LIN Optional: CAN FD, FlexRay, I2S, MIL-STD-1553B, SENT, Manchester (decode only), ARINC429, USB 2.0 (decode only)
Measurement 50+ parameters,statistics, histogram, trend, and track supported
Math 4 traces 32 Mpts FFT, +, -, x, ÷, ∫dt, d/dt, √√, Identity, Negation, Absolute, Sign, ex, 10x, ln, lg, Interpolation, MaxHold, MinHold, ERES, Average, Filter. Supports formula editor
Data analysis Search, Navigate, History, Mask Test, Digital Voltmeter, Counter, Waveform Histogram, Bode plot and Power Analysis, Eye/Jitter Analysis , SignalScan, Compliance Test (USB 2.0, 100Base T X , 1000Base T, 100Base T1, 1000Base T1)
Digital channel (optioonal ) 16-channel; maximum sample rate up to 1 GSa/s; record length up to 50 Mpts
Waveform generator ( optional ) Builit-in, frequency up to 50 MHz, 125 MSa/s sample rate, 16 kpts waveform memory
Processor System Intel Core i3-8100 or better,32GB memory,250GB storage,Linux operating system
I/O I/O: 4x USB Host 3.1 Gen 1,2x USB 3.0 Host,USB 2.0 Device (USBTMC),2x 1000M LAN (VXI-11+SCPI, Telnet (5024)+SCPI,Socket (5025)+SCPI,LXI,WebServer) Display: 1x DVI-D: up to 1920x1200 @ 60Hz; 1x DP 1.2: up to 4096x2304 @ 60Hz; 1x HDMI 1.4: up to 4096x2160 @ 60Hz Audio: Mic input, Audio Output Others: External Trigger In, Aux Out (TRIG OUT,PASS/FAIL),10 MHz In,10 MHz Out
Probe (Standard) 500 MHz, 1 probe supplied for each channel
Display 15.6” HD TFT-LCD with capacitive touch screen (1920*1080)

Accessoires Included:

1 x USB Cable
1 x Mains power cord
1 x Wireless Mouse
1 x protective Cover
4 x SP3150A 500MHz probe ( SAP5000D is recommended for higher bandwidths and available as option )

Optional Accessoires:

SDS7000A Datasheet
PDF – 2,2 MB 129 downloads
SDS7000A Quick Start
PDF – 1,5 MB 87 downloads
SDS7000A Programming Guide
PDF – 9,8 MB 83 downloads