Siglent SHN926A 26.5GHz Handheld Vector Network Analyser


The new SIGLENT SHN926A Handheld Vector Network Analyzers has a frequency range of 30 kHz to 26.5 GHz and supports 2-port scattering parameter, differential-parameter, and time-domain parameter measurements.

The SNH900A series Excellent Characteristics

With a dynamic range of up to 110 dB, the SHN900A is well equipped for applications that require high dynamics. The low trace noise (0.0005 dB rms, 0.015 deg rms) greatly improves the test accuracy and meets the user's need for precise measurement.SHN900A supports the measurement of S-parameters (S11, S12, S21, S22) as well as the differential S-parameters (Sdd11, Sdc11, Scd11, Scc11), and supports all standard display formats such as Smith Chart, Polar Chart, SWR, etc. The high dynamic, the low noise and the flexible measurement and display settings help the test engineer to get reliable data.

The accuracy of every network analyzer is closely related to calibration. SHN900A supports calibration methods such as SOLT, SOLR, TRL, Response, Enhanced Response, etc. It is compatible with a variety of calibration sets, supports user-defined calibration kits, and facilitates the testing of devices with different interface types. SHN900A supports impedance conversion, fixture simulation, adapter removal/insertion, etc

The SHN926A is a effective instrument for determining the Q factor, bandwidth, and insertion loss of a filter, They feature impedance conversion, movement of measurement plane, limit testing, ripple test, fixture simulation, and adapter removal/insertion adjustments. The VNAs have five sweep types: Linear Frequency mode, Log Frequency mode, Power Sweep mode, CW Time mode, and Segment Sweep mode. The SHN900A series VNAs also support scattering parameter correction of SOLT, SOLR, TRL, Response, and Enhanced Response for increased flexibility in R&D and manufacturing applications.

Wide Range of Standard Functions

The Cable and Antenna Test (CAT) mode of the SHN900A assesses and diagnoses the electrical performance of RF and microwave transmission systems. It is well-suited for tasks like installing and maintaining antenna systems, conducting distance-to-fault (DTF) measurements on cables, measuring single-port cable loss, and assessing antenna matching. The SHN900A also includes a built-in GPS function for providing geographical positioning during measurements. Its bias tee feature conveniently supplies DC bias to external objects being measured. Capabilities such as segmented sweep and frequency offset mode enhance analysis precision, efficiency, and flexibility for components testing.

The device includes a custom-designed portable bag for secure transportation and convenient storage of all accessories in one place

Useful optional Enhancements

The spectrum analysis mode facilitates measurement of parameters like channel power, adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR), and occupied bandwidth. This enables the technician in the field to verify RF signals and make sure all is in specification.

The Marker → SA function allows a quick change from VNA to spectrum analyzer mode and look at the specific marker frequency point in both modes. A convenient way streamlining signal search and analysis. Time Domain Analysis (TDA) supports various functions such as time-domain transformation, windowing, and gating, aiding in device characterization from both time and frequency domain perspectives. Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) offers many enhancements compared to TDA. This include reflection and transmission analysis, eye diagram simulation, also allowing swift fault localization and type determination, along with simulated eye diagram generation and jitter injection for assessing signal transmission effects.

Usability for the field

The SHN900A is built for a concise and user-friendly experience, offering flexible and straightforward operation. Its quick-access buttons and intuitive setup structure streamline testing procedures, facilitating swift, error-free standardized measurements. Engineers can easily manage windows, channels, and traces, enhancing usability and meeting diverse test needs efficiently. Despite its high integration, the SHN900A features a spacious 8.4-inch touchscreen within a rugged yet lightweight chassis, weighing just 3.2kg for easy portability.

Siglent SHN926A 14GHz Key Features:

  • Frequency range: 30 kHz - 26.5GHz
  • Frequency resolution: 1 Hz
  • Level resolution: 0.01 dB
  • Range of IFBW: 10 Hz~3 MHz
  • Setting range of output level: -45 dBm ~ +10 dBm
  • Dynamic range: 110 dB(Typ.)
  • Types of calibration:
    |Response calibration, Enhanced Response calibration, Full-one port calibration, Full-two port calibration, TRL calibration
  • Types of measurement:
    Scattering-parameter measurement, differential-parameter measurement, receiver measurement, time-domain parameter analysis, limit test, ripple test, impedance conversion, fixture simulation, adapter removal/insertion, spectrum analysis frequency offset, scalar mixer measurement, pulse measurement
  • Internal Bias-Tee connections
  • Support GPS, Time and Location Information Saving
  • Interface: LAN, USB Device, USB Host (USB-GPIB)
  • Remote control: SCPI/ Labview / IVI based on USB-TMC / VXI-11 / Socket /Telnet / WebServer
    8.4-inch touch screen, Mouse, Keyboard

Multi-window and format display:

Model SHN926A
Frequency range 30kHz 26.5 GHz
Ports 2
Frequency resolution 1 Hz
Level resolution 0.01 dB
Range of IFBW 10 Hz~ 3 MHz
Setting range of output level 4 5 dBm ~ +10 dBm
Dynamic range 110 dB ( typ.)
Types of calibration Response calibration, Enhanced Response calibration, Full one port calibration, Full two port calibration, TRL calibration
Types of measurement Scattering parameter measurement, differential parameter measurement, receiver measurement, time domain parameter analysis, limit test, ripple test, impedance conversion, fixture simulation, adapter removal/insertion, enhanced time domain parameter analysis (TDR), spectrum analysis, frequency offset, scalar mixer measurement, pulse measurement
Bias Tees Support
Interface LAN, USB Device, USB Host(USB GPIB)
Remote control SCPI/ Labview/ IVI based on USB TMC/ VXI 11/ Socket/ Telnet/ WebServer
Display 8.4 inch touch screen
GPS Support

Standard Accessories

  • Quick-start
  • BAG-H2
  • Power-cable + adaptor 
  • 10V8_Battery
  • USB-cable
  • Calibration-certificate

Optional Accessories

Siglent SHN900A User Manual
PDF – 9,7 MB 29 downloads
Siglent SHN900A Datasheet
PDF – 1,9 MB 29 downloads
Siglent RF Products Catalog 2024 05 Pdf
PDF – 24,5 MB 33 downloads